Best Christmas Plants and Flowers – Buys for Home or Gifts

When looking for festive plants and flowers to decorate your home or give as holiday gifts, there are so many delightful options to choose from.

  • Christmas Plants and Flowers

The holiday season is a magical time filled with joy, togetherness, and of course, presents! For many, Christmas brings to mind iconic images of a sparkling tree, mistletoe hung in doorways, and poinsettias with their brilliant red holiday flowers. When looking for festive plants and flowers to decorate your home or give as holiday gifts, there are so many delightful options to choose from. Here are some of the best Christmas plants and floral gifts to spread holiday cheer this season.

Christmas Cactus

With its vibrant pink, red, white, or purple flowers, the Christmas cactus is a holiday classic. These low-maintenance houseplants are easy to care for and will rebloom annually given the right conditions. Their cascading shape looks beautiful displayed on mantles or countertops. The Christmas cactus makes a thoughtful Christmas flower delivery in Wilmington for the green-thumb gardener in your life.


No other holiday flowers and plants evoke the holiday spirit quite like the poinsettia. Available in red, white, pink, and marbled varieties, these seasonal stars feature lush green foliage and bright colorful bracts. A potted poinsettia is always a welcome decoration and is sure to infuse your home with Christmas joy. For lasting memories, consider giving one as a living gift from a Wilmington florist to brighten someone's holiday.

Christmas Rose

Despite its name, this red Christmas flower blooms in winter with large, vibrant flowers and is unrelated to roses. The stunning white blooms provide a perfect wintery accent to holiday floral arrangements. Gift a potted Christmas rose to give friends and family a touch of vibrance during the darker winter months.


Large, trumpet-shaped flowers for Christmas make amaryllis holiday superstars. They come in festive shades like red, white, pink, salmon, and candy-cane striped. The flowers last for weeks, making amaryllis bulbs ideal gifts. When not in bloom, the strappy green foliage is still quite attractive. Give the gift from your nearby florist in Claymont de of dazzling color that will keep on giving.

Paperwhite Narcissus

For easy-to-grow Christmas flowers, you can’t go wrong with paperwhites. These dainty, fragrant Christmas indoor plants require no soil and can bloom indoors in water vases or pots of pebbles. Give paperwhite bulbs with a decorative container for friends and family to enjoy weeks of holiday blossoms. The pure white flowers will fill homes with a fresh, floral scent.

Holiday Cactus

Also known as the Thanksgiving cactus, this winter bloomer thrives as a low-maintenance houseplant. Showy flowers in shades of red, pink, orange, and purple start around the late fall holidays. The segmented foliage is attractive year-round and lays flat as the plant drapes across shelves or hangs in suspended baskets. Holiday cactus makes an excellent living gift.


For gorgeous outdoor holiday cheer, consider winterberry shrubs or cut branches. Winterberry thrives in cold climates, producing abundant red berries that persist through winter. The bright berries pop against the plant’s bare stems, providing welcome color and form. Cut winterberry branches make eye-catching additions to wreaths, garlands, and holiday flower arrangements.

Rosemary Topiaries

Fragrant rosemary shaped into festive topiary forms like Christmas trees, spirals, and orbs makes for fabulous holiday decor. Give living rosemary topiaries as plants for Christmas gifts or make your own by shaping plants and decorating them with bows or ornaments. The herb will release its lovely, pine-like aroma when brushed up against it. Rosemary topiaries can be planted in the garden come spring.

This Christmas, give the gift of holiday cheer with beautiful Christmas blooming plants. This Christmas, give Dibiaso’s Florist a call or visit our Wilmington shop. Treat yourself and your loved ones to floral gifts that capture the magic and beauty of the season.

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